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All Products Under One Roof.


Merulink focuses on concept development by continuously analyzing the needs of their customers and source product ideas which fit their target market and convert them into conceptual designs.

These products must be of good quality and must differentiate but also be useful and have a purpose for a specific goal. During the development and production process we take care of all necessary steps and make sure that sustainability is maintained. In our experience a brand always has to grow! Therefore energy, synergy and creativity are needed. Together we will find the best idea to move your brand to a higher level. By creating creative and innovative concepts, we can achieve this together. The premiums and promotions will breathe your identity and corporate vision.


Are you looking for an affordable, professional, and reliable PPE supplier?



If so, Merulink welcomes you as we have A-Class-Suppliers for protective clothing, gloves, face shields, facemasks, and more. The quality of our personal protective equipment for infection control is top-of-the-line and is compliant with all standards.




With a third of consumers actively choosing sustainable brands, more businesses are realizing the opportunities of developing sustainable products and services.


Merulink can help get you started.