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Your Sourcing Partner in Asia

Merulink is a Dutch company based in Shanghai & Hong Kong and founded by Pim Gietelink in 2010. It is established as a company with an extensive network and background in Sourcing & Buying.


Merulink continuously searches for efficiencies throughout the supply chain with the objective to improve your profitability and exploit business opportunities in Asia.

The market requests quick deliveries and good quality products.

To achieve this, you need to be close to the source and manage the production facilities direct.


Besides Export, we also do Sales of Promotional products in China and act as distributor of Western brands in China


Our office in Shanghai facilitates the easiest way for a company to source their products.


Merulink is therefore the ideal link for your company to source the most suitable vendors and factories for your business. This results into fair production prices and a familiar level of quality control and delivery.

Being located in Shanghai, Merulink can stay close to the industry and will be more flexible in switching from manufacturers.

Sourcing and procurement activities can be labor intensive and costly. Merulink will help to remove the burden and simplify the procurement process. We have developed deep strategic relationships with hundreds of manufacturers. These relationships lend to our ability to deliver quality and innovation to our customers. In addition, we leverage our vast purchasing power to secure highly competitive prices that help drive costs out of your supply chain.


A successful sourcing initiative must begin with a clear understanding of the product you wish to source.


The more specific the information is communicated, the more accurate and appropriate the selection results.


Our policy of having several manufacturing and production facilities per product, provides us the flexibility to find use the highest value solution for your order. At an early stage, quality assurance and service help our merchandisers identify the best supplier.


Our selection process involves an analysis of every aspect of the manufacturer’s business. This includes; social compliances for the workers, material suppliers, warehousing, assembly, machinery, manufacturing SOP’s, certifications, testing capabilities/experience, financial strength, location of production.


You only get what you inspect, not what you expect.


Each order is personally inspected by a merchandiser of Merulink. Because that person knows the order and product by hart and can easily detect defaults.


Besides the product inspection we deal with factory audits and material testing so it complies with the standards in the markets.


Would you like us to provide door-to-door transport or just a part of your logistical chain?


We’ll see to it and keep you up-to-date with reliable shipping status information every step of the way.

In our capacity we can take care of all customs facilities and we can take care of all your time-consuming paperwork.


Besides Export, we also do sales of promotional products in China and act as distributor of Western brands in China.